Our plays connect the past, present, and future to tell stories that are both timely and timeless. Our practice infuses theatre theory with museum methodology to support human narratives with well-researched, real world context. Our commitment to new work embraces and emboldens contemporary voices that speak to experiences both universal and unilateral.

We document stories that show us ourselves and ask us to change the trajectory we see; to record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.

Momentary. Finite expressions of our place in the infinite.


Co-Produced with Silk Road Rising
The World Premiere
Written by Nahal Navidar
Directed by Tlaloc Rivas

March 17–April 19, 2020

A child, a toy dog, and a ruthless dictator walk into a war zone and fanciful imagination breaks free. This surrealistic tale of a four-year-old Iranian girl unfolds amidst the carnage of the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s. The lines between playful fantasy and brutal warfare are gradually blurred as ugly realities become harder to mask.

We started our journey in January 2019 with the world premiere of The Death of Gaia Divine; a story of love and loss amidst the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Judy Garland fantasia. Now, in our second year, Momentary is committed to cultivating new voices. We want to hear diverse perspectives on what it means to exist at the turn of this decade, and to illuminate a path to carry us through the next.

Theatre is a vehicle of social change, and we are along for (and fueling) the ride. Join us as we commission conversations on race, gender, politics, and the humanity inherent in each; and  try to forge a brighter path ahead through art, intellect, and enlightenment.

Live performance may exist for but a moment, but remember: 


New Play Expedition

Meet Momentary's First Commissioned Playwrights

Caroline Macon-Fleischer is a multidisciplinary writer, a master's student in Writing and Publishing, and mother. Nahal Navidar is writer of dramatic texts, agitator, and fancy tea enthusiast. Both have been commissioned by Momentary to craft stories true to both their missions and ours.

Throughout their expeditions we will bring you updates from inside the processes of these two remarkable writers and contribute to the narrative of what it means to be a playwright in Chicago today.

What's the deal with playwrights and why do they choose this life? How does the practice of sharing human stories enhance or detract from the experience of living them? 

Through our investigation of shared mythologies, we curate works of live performance that record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.

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