Through our investigation of shared mythologies, we curate works of live performance that record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.


Momentary advocates for artists across all disciplines to contribute their work to the vast record of human history. The company prioritizes new writer development with a series of workshops and programs dedicated to cultivating and documenting the new play process. When producing pre-existing content, the focus will shift to new dramaturgical interpretations, design aesthetics, and character portrayals. The record we create is one of diverse and unique voices.


Momentary fuses the forms of theaters and museums, two ancient practices with their own distinct philosophies. Each will inform the other to create something new and contemporary; putting ideas and actions on exhibition while upholding the importance of a narrative in telling an honest history.


Momentary facilitates cultural conversations through active audience and community engagement. Our work is connected to the world from which it is devised, and will always evolve with and reflect this moment in time.

the company


Momentary Theatre is committed to working with emerging artists with a focus on new playwrights; developing skills and providing resources for growth within the industry.​ As Co-Curators rather than Artistic Directors, Matthew T. Messina and Jacob C. Shuler work to facilitate an enlightened environment of cross-disciplinary collaboration. We value artists who are progressive, passionate, and present.

(Co-Curator) is a writer, experiential content creator, and guest experience specialist. Hailing from the great state of Connecticut, he comes from a family that prides cured meats above all else (he can be founded slinging sandwiches in their Italian deli during visits and holidays). He graduated from The Theatre School at DePaul University with a degree in Dramaturgy/Criticism in 2014. After graduation, Matthew took an impulsive foray into life on the Left Coast, settling in Los Angeles for three years. While in California, he worked as a writer for attraction-based entertainment, but mostly just meticulously studied the function and form of Disneyland over the course of 101 visits. Matthew returned to Chicago with the goal of founding a theatre company, dedicated to new work, and becoming the first dramaturg to work for a professional sports team. He is now proud to call himself a co-curator of Momentary where he directed the inaugural production, The Death of Gaia Divine, and a Sports & Entertainment Operations Representative for the Chicago Cubs. Through his writing and his directing, Matthew tells stories that speak to the battle between memory and progress; the epic in the everyday. He is a Senior Research Fellow at I-SITE (The Institute for the Study of Immersive Theatrical Experiences) and an artistic associate of Birch House Immersive.

Through our investigation of shared mythologies, we curate works of live performance that record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.

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