our 2nd annual Holiday Fundraiser

and 1st (and last) 72-hour telethon

December 2019

In the midst of producing their New Play Expedition, Momentary finds themselves short on funds and holiday cheer. This 72-Hour telethon is their last ditch effort to save the company from folding for good. Can a Christmas miracle save the Co-Curators from career-ending chaos? Or will offstage drama overshadow their onstage efforts to ring in the most wonderful time of the year?


The Death of Gaia Divine

January 2019

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and Gaia Divine (a drag-queen god) is ready to breathe her last breath; closing the curtain on Earth. Against all odds, however, there is one last love story demanding to be written. Will Benji and Tallulah, compel their has-been deity to allow one last eleven o’clock number? Or has their end already been written by another hand?

A Very Gaia Divine Christmas
1st annual Holiday Fundraiser

December 2018

A Christmas Carol meets The Wizard of Oz in this vintage holiday cabaret with classic carols, adult beverages, and festive fun! Featuring Coco-Sho-Nell as Gaia Divine!

Through our investigation of shared mythologies, we curate works of live performance that record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.

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