Through our investigation of shared mythologies, we curate works of live performance that record, reveal, and react to human progress over time.

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My Dear Hussein

Co-Produced with Silk Road Rising

The World Premiere
Written by Nahal Navidar
Directed by Tlaloc Rivas

March 17–April 19, 2020

A child, a toy dog, and a ruthless dictator walk into a war zone and fanciful imagination breaks free. This surrealistic tale of a four-year-old Iranian girl unfolds amidst the carnage of the Iran-Iraq War. The lines between playful fantasy and brutal warfare are gradually blurred as ugly realities become harder to mask.


Silk Road Rising is a community-centered art-making and arts service organization rooted in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim experiences. Through digital media, arts education, and live performance we challenge disinformation, cultivate community voices, and create new narratives.

At Silk Road Rising we understand that representation matters; it molds perceptions, informs conversations, and influences policies. We view our work as an intentional strategy to shift and expand our communities’ narratives, and to assist other organizations in their efforts to include Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim stories.