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My Dear Hussein (canceled due to covid-19)

Co-Produced with Silk Road Rising

The creative team for My Dear Hussein included:

  • Nahal Navidar (Playwright)

  • Marie Treadway and Tlaloc Rivas (Directors)

  • Corey Pond (Associate Producer)

  • Andy Lynn (Production Manager and Scenic Designer)

  • Kristin Mazzocca (Stage Manager)

  • Samia Malik (Assistant Scenic Designer)

  • Allyson Leisure (Costume Designer)

  • Sam van Loon (Lighting Designer)

  • Aidan McBreen (Properties Designer)

  • Jacob C. Shuler (Dramaturg)

  • Amanda Grissom (Assistant Stage Manager). 

As the Iran-Iraq War rages outside, four-year-old Parvaneh lives in a boundless world of imagination inside the confines of her home. Her toy dog, Hussein, helps Parvaneh work out life’s confusing questions: Why do mom and dad whisper? Why is Javad, her eight-year-old neighbor, always sad? And should Parvaneh accept the forbidden treats Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein presents through the television? As the war rages and Saddam’s games become ever more daring, however, the line between make believe and reality are dangerously blurred.

The cast was comprised of:


  • Shadee Vossoughi (Parvaneh)

  • Rom Barkhordar (Baba/Saddam Hussein)

  • Ninos Baba (Hussein)

  • Joan Nahid (Maman/News Reporter)

  • Omer Abbas Salem (Javad)

Understudies were:

  • Marielle Issa (Parvaneh u/s)

  • Josh Razavi (Baba/Saddam Hussein u/s)

  • Thomas Russell (Hussein u/s)

  • Emma Sheikh (Maman/News Reporter u/s)

  • Joaquin Rodarte (Javad u/s)

MDH Cast.jpg

From Left: Joan Nahid, Rom Barkhordar, Ninos Baba, Shadee Vossoughi, Omer Abbas Salem


Silk Road Rising is a community-centered art-making and arts service organization rooted in Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim experiences. Through digital media, arts education, and live performance we challenge disinformation, cultivate community voices, and create new narratives.

At Silk Road Rising we understand that representation matters; it molds perceptions, informs conversations, and influences policies. We view our work as an intentional strategy to shift and expand our communities’ narratives, and to assist other organizations in their efforts to include Asian, Middle Eastern, and Muslim stories.

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