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The Death of Gaia Divine

The Death of Gaia Divine

January 2018

The Death of Gaia Divine marked Momentary's first mainstage production.

The play is an exploration of the evolution of compassion and the censorship of love when all else seems lost. "We are steadily losing our connection to what bonds us together as humans. The dismal nature of current affairs is the consequence of a forward momentum we once thought of as 'progress," says Production Director and Co-Curator of Momentary Matthew T. Messina. "But the primitive need to love and be loved, however you define it, is something we need in our lives now more than ever.'"


Jacob C. Shuler
Director                         Matthew T. Messina

Stage Manager                 Jean E. Compton
Asst. Director                Michael Conroy
Set Designer                  Joy Ahn

Lighting Designer          Daniel Freidman
Sound Designer             Hannah Foerschler
Artistic Intern                Nina Ryan



Gaia Divine                Raymond Cleveland

Benji                             Noah Laufer

Tallulah                        Sofia Tew


Production photos by Gracie Meier
Poster designs by Isabelle Souri

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