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POSTER- Our 2nd Annual Holiday Fundraise

our 2nd annual holiday fundraiser

and 1st (and last) 72-hour telethon

December 2019

In the midst of producing their New Play Expedition, Momentary finds themselves short on funds and holiday cheer. This 72-Hour telethon is their last ditch effort to save the company from folding for good. Can a Christmas miracle save the Co-Curators from career-ending chaos? Or will offstage drama overshadow their onstage efforts to ring in the most wonderful time of the year?


Aaron Aptaker
Isabella Karina Coelho

Alexa Costa
Matthew T. Messina

Nina Ryan
Jacob C. Shuler
Gilbert Tanner

Sophia Tew

New Play Expedition Playwrights

Caroline Macon Fleischer and

Nahal Navidar


Playwright                           Gilbert Tanner
Director                               Alexa Costa

Production Assistant         Grace Grindell

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