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Each year, Momentary hosts a one-night-only holiday fundraiser to support the company's upcoming projects. This year, with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping our theaters closed and with the country's pandemic of racial injustice disproportionately affecting people of color, we're shifting our production online and our proceeds to philanthropy.


Now through the end of the year, you can watch Momentary's 3rd Annual Holiday Fundraiser right here on our website for only $5.00 to benefit My Block My Hood My CityIf you were unable to join us in previous years, visit our Past Productions page to see what you missed or click below to watch this year's video including a recap of the past two years!


Isabella Karina Coelho

Alexa Costa
Matthew T. Messina

Jacob C. Shuler
Gilbert Tanner

Sophia Tew
& Coco Sho-Nell


Nina Ryan
Adam Ryan Elliott

& a Surprise Celebrity Guest!

Runtime: 31 minutes


Playwright                           Gilbert Tanner
Director                               Alexa Costa

Video Editors                      Gilbert Tanner

                                              Matthew T. Messina
                                              Jacob C. Shuler

Click the icon in the center of the video to set up an account and process your $5.00 video fee for My Block My Hood My City. Additional contributions can be made by visiting our Support page.

Momentary's 3 Annual Holiday Fundraiser

Momentary's 3 Annual Holiday Fundraiser

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