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Follow a writer for a week

In early November, we asked Caroline Macon-Fleischer and Nahal Navidar to catalogue their relationship to their writing over the course of a week by recording one image per day that represented their work. These images were initially broadcast via Momentary's Instagram Stories. For more of our most current content, follow Momentary on Instagram and all other relevant social media channels @momentarythtr.



"I wrote this next to my schedule today. It says"breaks entail: tea/water/coffee, stretching, text hubby, mindfullness. Breaks do not entail: playing Stardew Valley, worrying." (I've been playing too much Stardew Valley and worrying too much. I don't know what's the symptom and what's the cause).




"I'm coming off of last week's high of finishing the first major beat, but having to do it all over again for the next section of the play. No matter how much progress I make, facing the unknown is always a paralyzing experience."

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